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How it all started

The love of stills for me began when my youngest daughter, Zorah, volunteered me to be the lacrosse team's photographer at the high school where she played. As parents, we typically involve ourselves in our children's extra-curricular activities to show them that we believe in them. Zorah loves to play lacrosse and is very passionate about the game. Since her father and I divorced, and he resides in a totally different state, I promised myself that I would try to attend all her games to support her and to make up for his absence. Well, since Zorah knew I'd be at most of her games, she figured I can help by volunteering as the team's photographer. How could I have said no?

Watching the game up close on my first day volunteering, and seeing my daughter score, I suddenly felt the urge to capture further moments such as that one. So, I quickly positioned the camera to take pictures, clicked the shutter and snapped away. Today, I am grateful that my daughter continues to play lacrosse at college level on a full scholarship. What developed from that day, has impacted me to grow more passionately as a Professional Photographer.

With a bachelor’s degree in Communication- Radio, Television and Film, years of experience creating amazing videos for many clients, working in the digital media industry, pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Writing, and writing several screenplays and short stories- none of it comes close to how I feel when I’m capturing the essence of a person in the moment.

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This is where YOUR story begins... And as your photographer my goal is to make sure you are fully satisfied. By incorporating your vision together with my style of classic, clean and timeless shooting we can create an amazing story, which you'll be able to cherish and share with your family and friends for many years to come.

Please enjoy viewing our website then connect with us for a free consultation.

Maria Arias

Bluemoon Photography


Some special moments with my girls.

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